Money Transfers

How do I get a refund if my student has graduated or transfers away from the district?

If the amount of positive balance is small enough (less than $25.00), the cafeteria cashiers can issue refunds upon presentation of a parental note. If the amount is too great  (more than $25) to refund out of the cashier drawer (or if it is after the school year is over), the parent can contact the School Nutrition office at 336-242-5635. Any money left in the student's account 30 days after withdrawal or graduating will resort back to the Davidson County School account.

What happens to my student's lunch account balance when they transfer between schools in the district?

Once the school data manager at the new school enrolls the transferred student, the student's lunch account (including any account balance they may have) will automatically transfer to the student's new school cafeteria within 24 hours.

This applies to transfers during the school year, but also applies to transfers that happen over the summer due to students graduating from Elementary, Middle, or High schools.

If my student ends up with a positive balance left in their cafeteria account at the end of the school year, what happens to that money?

Any money left in the account at the end of the school year will be kept in that account, allowing the student to use those funds at the beginning of the next school year.