Mission Statement

The mission of Davidson County Schools is...
  • to empower students to achieve high academic goals.
  • to challenge educators to attain high professional standards.

Vision Statement

The vision of Davidson County Schools is to graduate ALL students future ready and globally competitive.


Public education in Davidson County began four years after the North Carolina state legislature passed its first public school law in 1839.  Initially, the voters of Davidson County refused to tax themselves to support public schools, and Davidson County was one of only seven of the sixty-eight counties of North Carolina to do so at the time.  After much debate, the voters of Davidson County agreed to a tax levy some four years after the state legislature's initial public school law was passed.

However, this was not the first attempt at organizing formal education for children in the county.  Since the creation of Davidson County in 1822, there had been private academies, church-run schools, and boarding schools scattered across the area.
 The entity known as Davidson County Schools began in 1843 when Davidson County commissioners identified approximately 5,259 school age children and allotted $1,400 to forty-four school districts.  From an initial survey establishing twenty-eight white school districts and sixteen non-white (termed "colored" at the time) districts, the number grew in six years to fifty-nine school districts within Davidson County.
  By the 1920s, a movement to consolidate these early school districts into larger units gained momentum and support out of economic necessity in order to offer a wider range of services and learning opportunities for students in schools with grades 1 - 11 (twelfth grade was added in 1942).  In 1931, the last of the old community or "field and pasture" schools and private academies closed in Davidson County.

Following World War II, the consolidated schools housing grades 1 - 12 were rapidly becoming inadequate.  The North area of the county was the first in the county to recognize and resolve the situation with the construction and opening of North Davidson High School in 1952 for grades 10 - 12.  In 1967, the North area again led the county in a new direction with the opening of North Davidson Junior High School for grades 7 - 9.