We are proud of the fact that our school cafeterias consistently achieve high health inspection scores.  This reflects the School Nutrition Program's mission to provide quality, nutritious food choices in a nurturing, caring and clean environment.

Did you know that health scores are based not only on the kitchen area, but also on common areas like the dining area and dumpsters as well?
These common areas are not maintained by the SNP staff, but by our school's fine custodians.  The SNP department would like to thank the Custodial department for their help in keeping our health scores high.

              DCS Health Inspection Scores
School Name Date Score
Brier Creek 9/15/2016 100
Northwest Elem 9/21/2016 98
Southmont  9/21/2016 100
Central High 10/17/2016 99.5
Central Middle 10/11/2016 98
Churchland  9/12/2016 100
Davis-Townsend 9/8/2016 99.5
Denton Elem 9/14/2016 100
Brown E. Lawson Middle 9/29/2016 100
East High 10/7/2016 99.5
Fair Grove  9/23/2016 100
Friedberg  9/23/2016 100
Hasty  9/21/2016 100
Friendship  9/15/2016 100
Ledford Middle 10/11/2016 100
Ledford High 10/5/2016 99
Midway  10/13/2016 100
North High 9/30/2016 100
North Middle 10/26/2016 100
Oak Grove Middle 10/25/2016 100
Pilot Elem
Reeds Elem 9/26/2016 100
Silver Valley  9/15/2016 100
South High 10/4/2016 97.5
Southwood  9/20/2016 99
Tyro Elem 9/20/2016 100
Tyro Middle 10/27/2016 100
Wallburg Elem 9/28/2016 99.5
Welcome Elem 9/19/2016 100
West High 10/31/2016 97.5
Valley Academy / Davidson Co High / Early College   8/31/2016 99.5

USDA Recalls


The recall message sent this morning using our SENS recall notification system was to give notice of frozen Strawberries from EGYPT which has been linked to illnesses and hospitalizations across 9 states in the US resulting in a product recall.

Please note all USDA products in the National School Lunch Program are grown in the United States.

The recall notice also states “As this is an imported product, it is highly unlikely that USDA foods are involved.

NCDA&CS FDD has not received any notification of product hold or recall for any of the USDA Strawberry products from USDA FNS, and are considered safe for consumption.”